Episode 13 – Curtains

The Episode 13 of Under The Dome (Curtains) has been watched by 857,000 viewers in Australia according to OzTAM.

Episode 13 Recap:

episode 13 photoThe monarch hatches, and the butterfly starts flying around the mini dome. However, the butterfly starts crashing the dome, and creating expanding black spots, simultaneously blacking out the real dome.

Joe suggests the four touch the dome, but Linda cuts in, stating the egg is police property. She touches it and gets zapped.

Junior, Angie, Joe, and Norrie discover that the Monarch is Julia. After receiving a shocking visit from one of the dome’s people who took Alice’s appearance, they discover that they must earn the light by keeping the egg safe and that they took human form to “bridge the gap.” Barbie then gets captured by Junior and then the egg is out because the mini dome shattered.

Big Jim thinks that his family are the chosen ones. He tells Junior that he has actually killed the ones he accused Barbie of, but just to save the town. They put Barbie in a noose and then Julia has to choose to save the egg or save Barbie by giving the egg to Big Jim in just one hour. She fails to comply and tosses it in the lake. The egg starts to glow, and the pink stars rise to the sky, removing the dark black cover, and replacing it with a bright white cover.

Big Jim continues to tell Junior to pull the lever, as the camera focus on Barbie’s face, the episode and season ends.

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